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How We Work


School Process Prior to Making RTLB Request for Support

  • An ongoing learning or behaviour need has been identified by the school

  • An adapted learning or learning plan is developed, documented, implemented and reviewed by the school.

  • Parents / Whānau have been informed and support the plan

  • Review of the plan indicates ongoing support is required

Making a Request for Support with RTLB

  • The school makes a request for support using the Schoolgate site - click here to access

  • The Request for Support Form (RSF) is completed in full

  • The reviewed adapted learning / behaviour plan is attached

  • Parent / Guardian consent is attached

  • The school can contact the Cluster Manager at any time to talk through request for support that have been made

How We Allocate the Work

  • The RTLB leadership team review all RSF

  • RFS are prioritised and placed on the waiting list if the criteria are met

  • The RTLB team meet monthly to prioritise and allocate RSF

  • An email is generated and sent to the school accepting the RSF and notifying the school which team member has been allocated the case

He Pikorua
Our practice framework

He Pikorua guides our practices so we can work together within the Learning Support Delivery Model to provide a coherent, evidence-based approach.

We focus less on services and criteria, and more on joining up services to support mokopuna and the adults around them in ways that build on their strengths.

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4 Goal Setting and Planning .png
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7 Empower Others, Step Aside, Review Outcomes.png
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6 Review, Reflect, and Refine.png
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Te tuapapa.png

Overview of Te Tūāpapa

Te Tūāpapa is a robust evidence-informed approach. It provides a framework for identifying supports which increase in intensity, depending on the needs and the context.

Information gathered about the strengths, needs and progress of mokopuna supports collaborative decision making.

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